About Us

BUGS is the premier open source club at NYU; we advocate for the ideals of open source via first-hand experience of students having an exciting and inclusive environment for them to develop their own projects, work together with other members on larger projects, and take their skills to contribute to pre-existing open source projects.

Executive Board

Abigail Zhou


Abigail is a junior majoring in CS at CAS with an interest in operating systems and machine learning. She’s currently exploring the fintech space and enjoys trying new restaurants and running in her free time!

Alex Ying

Lead Event Coordinator

Alex Ying is a Junior studying CS in Tandon. He enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and learning about cool algorithms. He is currently teaching himself how to cook (with mixed results).

Alex Jia

Event Coordinator | Developer

Alex Jia is a freshman majoring in computer science and mathematics at CAS. They were born in Xi’an and raised in Seattle. They are interested in the intersection between image processing and machine learning. In their free time, they enjoy hanging out with friends, watching anime, and going to cons.


Event Coordinator

Phil is a Freshman, Studying CS at CAS

Sewon Kim

Website Designer

As a passionate musician who has been composing and performing on the clarinet from an early age, Sewon has a great interest in the art of creation. For this reason, Sewon believes that computer science means more than simple coding as it is a form of art, built of inspirations and innovations.

Isha Gopal

Graphic Designer

Isha is a sophomore studying CS at CAS, minoring in Economics and Film. In her free time, she’s either dancing, drawing, or playing video games!

Riley Dou

Communications | Photographer

Riley is a sophomore studying CS at Tandon. Born near the brown waters of Galveston, Texas, she enjoys dancing and skiing, and really really really likes dogs.

Elaine Zou


Elaine is a sophomore majoring in Business and CS at CAS. Originally from northern Virginia, she enjoys reading, drawing, and exploring New York in her free time.


CS Wiki Writer

Lawrence is a senior studying CS and Math at CAS. He likes abstract stuff. Besides coding, he also enjoys coffee brewing☕️ and singing🎤 a lot.

Faith Winford

Website Maintainer

Faith Winford is a freshman studying CS and Philosophy at CAS. She’s interested in the intersection of AI and ethics. In her free time she likes listening to music and going to conerts.


A list of some of our active members (in alphabetical order): Abhilasha Tandon, Akash Iyer, Alex Xie, Alex Ying, Andrew Ma, Aranzazu (Ahri) Bravo Cerpa, Betty Li, Catherine Ku, Cathy Huang, Chandana Srinivasa Yatisha, Christopher Li, Daisy Liu, David Shen, Dongje Kim, Elaine Zou, Elizabeth Tang, Flora Cai, Gefei Gong, Grace He, Jessica Chen, Josef Dunlap, Junyao Chen, Kairui Huang, Kevin Chan, Madison Phung, Manav Parikh, Matthew Cheng, Mihir Prajapati, Navid Chowdhury, Nick Wu, Noah Zhou, Paul Ioffreda, Phoebe Huang, Rahul Narayanan, Rick Li, Riley Dou, Sachin Iyer, Sam Frank, Sam Huppert, Sewon Kim, Thomas Wang, Tianhao Gu, Triet Vo, Walker Tupman, Xiaomin Liu, Xiaoyi (Amy) Liang, Yifei Zhu, and Zayn Wang

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